Machine Type: Gear Grinding Machine
Type: ZP 20
Year: 2002
Total Amount € 370.000,00
Control: KAPP D300
Country Origin: Germany
Technical Details:
Machine - Datasheet
Location: Staufenberg Stock 1
max. wheel diameter 2000 mm
gear width 980 mm
max. module 34
weight of the machine ca. 20 t
dimensions of the machine ca. 7,9 x 6,0 m
max. helix angle -35° / +35° °/deg. °
stroke length max. 1000 mm
rotary table diameter 1365 mm
table load 20 t
grinding wheel diameter 400 mm
profile depth 75 mm
power capacity 25 kW
CNC-Profile Gear Grinding Machine for grinding external spur and helical gears
Hydrostatic guideways in rotary table, column, stroke saddle
* CNC-control KAPP D300 for 7 axes:
- Z, W tangential travel of the slides
- B head swivel
- Y column travel
-X stroke saddle
- A rotary table
- U dresser movement
* NCdressing unit with 1 dressing-spindle for diamont-dressing-disc
* coolant device
* oil-mist extractor
* oil-coolant-system
* machine housing
* touch-probe inside the working-area for gear measuring
* electronic hand-wheel
* outboard-support
* 3 off used dressing rolls
Themachine was delivered in 2002 with the following software / options.
• Scope D300
•External toothing by means of dressable corundum grinding wheels and
non-dressing CBNprofile grinding wheels.
•Prepared for internal toothing by means of dressable and dress-free CBN
profile grinding wheels
•Automatic feed control
•Modem connection incl. remote diagnosis
• Warm-up program
•Automatic shape and position correction of the grinding wheelsoftware SMS
•Automatic generation of NCgrinding programs
•Software for aligning splines with RENISHAWprobes
• Cycle: Align (Probe = Renishaw)
• Cycle: Stock dividing (Probe = Renishaw)
Themachine can be inspected under power in the factory.




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